Silent love 

Relationships are very mutual between girls and boys these days. But on a serious note, I personally don’t believe in such girlfriend -boyfriend relationships. I believe in true love ❤ and soulmate. I also believe in *silent yet true love*. Yes ! I do believe in it. For me, love is understanding, it is when you can understand the person’s feelings on other side by keeping yourself at his/her position. It is when you know what’s going on in that person’s mind. When love is true, you don’t need to communicate verbally necessarily. Communications become more visual and emotional when it is deep love.

I am not an adept at a concept like love, and I think no one ever can be, because love is irrespective of everything ; right from standards, religions, distance, creed to even sex ! It’s not necessary that an emotional bond exists only between opposite sexes, it can even be between same kind of sex because love is not physical connection, it is emotional, psychological, mental and a connection between two souls 💕

True love is deep, it is a connection of two souls at a high standard. It is a mental, emotional and a psychological connection. It is contentment💗 It is not complex.
-Nidhi Singh

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