Menstruation – Dealing with the Omen

Virtual hi to everybody first of all. The first thing that I do when I interact with a fellow human being is greet him/her, you know very Indian by nature.

India is a country governed by heralds and omens at the root level. No matter how much people show they are open – minded about things, eventually they turn up to their real side when things come personally to them. Didn’t comprehend ? Let me break it down for you by citing an example, usually the people who brag about how they’re all open minded and accepting of every person, they do not care about physical beauty and only care about the inner beauty are generally the ones demanding for a ‘good looking’ spouse. Ok maybe not all but GENERALLY ! cause’ people who actually don’t care, don’t care about saying it out aloud.

Anyhoo ! Already drifted away from the topic to an extent, now coming back let’s talk about AHEM AHEM ! Menstruation – AKA Periods.

Stereotypes linked with this natural biological phenomenon


1. Not entering the temple -:

You really have an issue with your brain if in 2018, you still think that it is just not decent to enter a temple during ant’s flow. See it’s a process my friend. Let’s try to dig in deeper.

Temples have always been regarded as clean, hygienic and heavenly. Long back, women did not use to have proper sanitary ways of dealing with menstruation, so they used to fall in abrupt situations anytime. So, just to avoid any kind of problematic situation inside of a temple, women themselves deliberately did not feel like entering temples. In the long run slowly and gradually this became a norm and then comfort and then a rule and then a compulsion.

But not anymore it should prolong though! It’s 2018 and science technologists have developed immense ways of dealing with menses in a healthy way. There’s no way women feel uncomfortable now, then why still is it considered a bad omen is a woman enters a so – called God’s place (cause’ God’s everywhere) ? It’s so clear right if God was unimpressed with a bleeding woman coming to pray him , then he would not make a woman like that . God is the one who has bestowed everything upon us. What’s the point of cutting off with him for certain 5 days ?

You are reading till here ? Feels great ! Let’s be friends now

2. Feeling awkward everytime a sanitary pad ad comes on TV.

We do not get awkward when a diaper ad comes on having chubby babies, we do not get awkward when a perfume ad comes on having an almost naked man surrounded by almost naked girls, we do not get awkward when a contraceptive ad comes on or maybe we do, oh yes we do… heehaw.

But then why do all our senses get accustomed to one thing and embarassed tends to sink in when a sanitary napkin’s ad is displayed ?

It’a not that you did something bad to feel awkward or embarassed ’bout, it’s a simple product to control a simple phenomena… duh

3. Considering women impure

Hahaha don’t even get me started on this.

Before deciding if women are pure or impure during menstruation, let’s clear our concepts with the definition of pure.

Anything uncontaminated with external agents which retains its very own form is said to be pure.

Caught up two words from here – uncontaminated and external agents. Hmm so all these orthodox people suggest that a lady becomes impure during chums. I wanna ask two questions for that matter, what’s contaminated and what’s the contaminant ?

Usually the people who raise such ideologies are too surface to be human cause’ duh they don’t think and secondly they are illiterate.

Menstruation is the shedding of prepared endometrial lining of the uterus due to absence of fertilization and low level of progesterone.

Basically, every 28 days the ovary produces one egg (secondary oocyte). To prepare for implantation and other post – fertilisation events , the endometrium thickens and is richly supplied with blood to provide a cushion like smooth surface. In case, fertilization does not occur, everything along with the secondary oocyte leaves the body through the process called menstruation.

Uh ! Too much biology up there, don’t be bored, I get emotional…

Conclusion of the story is that the blood is formed in the body, the secondary oocyte is formed in the body, no contamination takes place from external agents then how do things turn impure ? Do you never bleed from your body ?


All the girls out there, see I understand I value your feelings and opinions but always shooing and shying away with letting guys know about you actually brings in lines of differences between men and women.

While on one hand, women all the way keep things strictly to themselves on the other hand, it dilutes the thought in mens’ minds that there is something like menstruation. Many men aren’t even aware that menstruation is something. This ‘no communication’ creates differences in the long run and it creates a typical mentality which wherever goes doesn’t go in correct way.

Now the list of stereotypes is long as whatever like not washing hair , not running too much, not eating too much etc. which were by the way very logical and conceptual norms in earlier times so no offence, but they shouldn’t be encouraged.

And some are totally illogical like not touching pickle (it will turn impure), not praying etc etc etc..

Had a great time with y’all sitting down and whining about things. Let’s wrap it up here and see you again sooooooon !

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