Things Wrong With Education System

Hey peeps waddup ? 🙌 I am back and this time it’s special for me cause’ it’s something that’s so close to me. It’s one of those times where I am gonna sit down and rant about everythin right from why does the sun rise in the east only to why is the temperature so high in Delhi. No, no just kidding, not that pj but I’m gonna love it. So ya let’s proceed with discussing about things wrong with our education system. Let’s go

1. Maths in the life of a PCB student
All my PCB fellahs, I feel you my friends cause’ I am you.
For all the non – PCB students, all the PCM, commerce and humanities students, if you want you can skip it but I would suggest you to hear us cause’ nobody does 😭.
Let me just break it down to you, students choose PCB for several reasons, probably because they are not good at maths or they like bio more or they just want to get into medical field in their future. For any of the reasons, we don’t opt for maths thinking we don’t have to study maths cause’ duh we don’t have maths but NO ! No no no no you think maths is gonna leave you that easily ? My friend you are sadly mistaken.
Every bio student who is not good at physics now you know why. No ? Oh physics is 50% mathematics just how much our life is left after solving 10 problems of physics.
I cannot even tell you guys how much trigonometric identities have lowered down my moral !

Conclusion : Now I’m sure you must be thinking that Baba Nidhi is whining about this but what’s the solution.
Solution : Introduce one more grade after tenth and before eleventh in which you teach the students maths and also introduce them to all the concepts of higher classes and make students’ life easier. I can guarantee, that would definitely make a student’s condition and moral better uplifted.
Just keep extra classes in 11th grade in which students are specially taught maths.
2. Marks ≠ Knowledge

I solely believe that marks can’t tell the intellect of a person, we have so many real life examples if this. Einstein, Newton, Edison etc etc etc.
These people could become great because they probably never chased marks but knowledge. They had the inquisitivity to know what life is and how life works around them. They didn’t care about marks because they weren’t pressurised to. Back in those times, marks or actually education wasn’t considered as vital as it is today and back then employment was also there so nobody actually pressurised students to score marks and maybe that’s why they could find their own interest themselves and grew as great leaders of all time.
However, you see today aa aa, students are judged on the basis of their marks by literally everyone. A student with a soft brain does care about what world thinks of him/her and so what does he/she do to win over judgements ? He/She studies for marks and not knowledge !
3. Restrictions
I know I’m going a little off topic right now but I just feel like saying it here.
The more you keep something away from a child, the more that child will get attracted towards it.
It’s a law of nature. I’ll tell you what, my example, so around 5 years ago, till then I wasn’t allowed to be on social media. I was told that it was not good for me. “Bigde hue bacche istemaal karte hain.”
Till my whole life of 11 years I was constantly restricted to even think of social media and then guess what ? Guess what ?
I was too curious cause’ hellaw everybody had a social media but I. So, I opened an fb account secretly just to know about it, I kept on adding people unknowingly and then my parents came to know about it. It was a havoc. Let the past memories remain in past only.
But then eventually, they allowed and didn’t bother as much and gradually I got to know everything about it and today I myself keep my account private everywhere. Yup ! So, that’s the conclusion of the story kids. Your welcome. You bored ? Shut up & keep reading.
So, I eventually grew mentally.
Conclusion is don’t keep things away from children cause’ eventually they will find out about them cause’ hellaw it’s 2018 and it’s better you give them right information instead of them seeking and gathering information from wrong sources. Like sex education or relationships or maybe anything. Just share ! Cause’ sharing is caring.
4. Let’s get back to where from we left.
You know there are actually a lot of things that are wrong with Indian education system but let’s just be real we can’t help it. One thing that I feel strongly is that there should be one class in every school everyday in every classroom of self realization where students are taught things that are taught nowhere today like
a) How to take the right decision
b) How to focus on studies
c) How all humans are just like you & me
d) How we should behave & why
e) Understanding other people etc etc etc
I think classes like those will help students big time.
Okay, now that I’ve successfully wasted some of your precious time, I’m good.
Let’s wrap it up and let’s all say BYE together.
BYE, will meet ya soon 💕

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