Power of Belief

Better said than done or never done, it’s always about saying things, believing them. Once we start believing in something or someone, it may not be the whole world, but us, we wholly surrender ourselves and everything in our control starts building with that belief. Our belief in a person grows strong when he/she enters our core zone which we don’t show to the world. Our belief shapes our mind into a stone mind which gets used to it. The flow of energy that emanates from our mind is so in one direction that our priorities become significantly different.

It’s a huge commitment to use this power of belief. It’s a huge commitment to invest yourself wholly physically, mentally and spiritually and all that drives them is us, emotionally. No doubt about the fact that our emotional side is very powerful and very strong. Either completely  getting dissolved into it or completely cutting off ties with it, none is the solution. We will always miss some intimate aspect of our life. Hardcore ways indeed do make us independent but take away the happiness that could feel like heaven. So, for me at a point it became a choice, heaven and hell, will have to face both or none at all. I went with the second option because I didn’t have the courage to face first again in fear of the latter yet all over again. Don’t know if it was possible or not but it definitely made me land up into a stage which I had never in my dreams anticipated so soon. Being all about yourself and caring about your emotions is not the way how relationships drive. Indeed neglecting the other person’s emotions and leaving them on their own selves and wanting them to be there for yourself is selfishness. From selflessness to selfishness, there is a whole journey of mind which takes a lifetime into consideration.


When you start considering forever, it is impossible to not expect the best and perfect for yourself and that is when things change really fast. We invest our lives into someone and so we start expecting them to be there with us at all times. This expectation when unfulfilled pushes us onto a further disastrous level where we start the pretending game because we never want to feel needy. We pretend that we have a lot of people by our side when in reality that is the only person we want with us, that distant person we picturised our future with. This pretending game creates a gap filled with misunderstandings and distance comes in. When finally we realize that our love has been taken over by something gluttonous, we cry for the state of heart we used to have. And then finally passing either ways because it couldn’t work out.The initial stages are always good because we don’t build our future with them.

So in conclusion here is where we are at, the ground of problems is the expectation of forever. We must always be ready if something or someone whom we like, leaves us already. This can happen when we absolutely fill ourselves with nature and us and not with someone else so that that person cannot make us empty. The only solution is to never get dependent on anything, absolutely anything and anyone. Because only then, we can actually love and not urge to secure ourselves. This urge is never successful in the long term. To be alone and not afraid or rather happy is the go to. So, love people but don’t picturise future because love is always in the present, it brings us to reality and not postpones and testifies someone’s qualities and capabilities.


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