How to fall in love with life regardless of an aching heart <3

Love. It’s not a word, it’s not a feeling, it’s not an emotion, it’s not a need. However, love is what exists to give meaning.

Breaking up is hard. It’s really difficult to row through a boat in an ocean of tides and storms alone when you were in extreme calm with something or someone you mirrored love in just before.

Breakdowns occur really suddenly and leave us shattered with an unlovable heart. Mirroring love in something or someone is great as long as it fulfils you and the other.

Nobody causes you ache. Nobody breaks your heart, Nobody intends to do so if you think about it, but differences in our minds and our perceptions cause heart ache also and heartbreaks also.

What causes you bad is also good if it improved the person you are. You are whole. You are perfect. The other one is whole. The other one is perfect. You don’t need to possess the other one. The other person has got nothing to do with you other than sharing similarities. The other person is not entitled to your life. The other person is not supposed to do things for you that are in your control.

Self guide to accepting yourself :

No human in this life. However, all are unique. All have their diverse beauties. Life may be in the unknown but happiness is in here within our minds about how we look and perceive things.

We must respect ourselves and the other person enough to let them be happy. We were nowhere and we’ll eventually be nowhere but how we tread along matters. We all are people, nobody should be entitled to be perfect. I forgive everyone and the person I accused of making me broken. I forguve mhy own self.

Stoppage of any water starts rotting. So, let it flow. Let it keep flowing. Love never went away, it will never go away. However dusting a mattress is not against the mattress but the dust particles. Life is love and share the life, smiles, love, energy of high vibration but never let anyone make you fall apart because no one is entitled to you. Nothing bitter here but love is supposed to grow. Keep your expectations only with becoming the better version of you. You eventually will find happiness and peace with letting love and freedom be the teachers and masters.

Nonetheless, none of it comes with breaking ties outside but inside it is to do with realising that you are in no chains of boundaries and no one else is. So, you are free. You can love, smile, explore so many more new people and you don’t have to be broken because of anyone else. Just live the moment and let go. None of it remains. Good things happen to you, when you stop running behind them. You are too complex to be that simple.

~ Nidhi (Pen name : Nidz, just know ;))

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